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Aydon UK
The administrative head office of the worldwide Aydon Consultant's group, Aydon UK provides advisory and related business services in the following core areas:

- UK and overseas market entry
- Entering and expanding markets.
- Identifying and scrutinising potential agents/distributors on behalf of manufacturers.
- Establishment and maintenance of distribution and supply networks including all relevant documentation.
- Set up of UK operations for foreign investors, government or quasi-government grant research, advice and applications.
- Offshore Financial Management.

- Negotiating with suppliers, purchasers and agents on behalf of manufacturers.
- Surveys - internet and regular. Please click here for more information on surveys.
- Market research.
- Market and product feasibility studies.
- Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) in cost/labour effective jurisdictions, particularly Asia and Eastern Europe.

- Procurement of goods and services.
- Turnkey projects
- Establishment, on turnkey basis, of overseas operations for UK investors, including local permissions, tax benefit rulings and recruitment.

- Consulting engineering/design services to manufacturers
- Identifying products that can be manufactured or procured more economically internationally, considering components, assemblies, semi-processed materials or commodities.

- Engineering product development strategy.
- Engineering operations design, development and restructuring.
- Technology implementation and international technology transfer.
- Cultural aspects of business and business cultural environment.
- Research and Development analysis and optimisation.
- Concept and implementation of advanced process technologies.

- CADD, CAM, CAE integration within the general business system.
- Product Data Management.
- Implementation of quality systems.
- Development of Intellectual Property.
- Minimising red tape
- Industry specific acts or regulations requiring compliance in the UK.
- Best practice regarding compliance with UK, foreign and ISO accreditation standards.
- Liaising and negotiating with government bodies.
- Advice on regulatory change to maximise opportunities presented by structural, competitive and regulatory change.
- Liaising with government departments, including quality accreditation, licensing, immigration and import/export regulations.

Additional advice and services
- Incorporation of UK or foreign corporate vehicle or subsidiary.
- Trading terms and conditions for the sale of goods in the UK.
- Assistance with ISO/quality assurance.
- Intellectual property
- Internet surveys
- UK copyright and patent issues.
- Protection of trade secrets.
- Registration of trademarks.
- Industry specialisation/expertise

While Aydon UK accepts instructions from clients in most industries, it enjoys particular expertise in the following industries:
- General manufacturing, particularly heavy engineering applications.
- Agricultural equipment.
- Transmission equipment.
- Oil and Gas.
- Mining.
- Industrial capital plant & equipment.

Languages spoken
English, Arabic, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

The Aydon UK team

Peter Guinsberg - Aydon Group Chairman
Peter is the Group Chairman of Aydon Consultants Ltd and the first point of contact for all enquiries. .
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Robert Milne - Oil and Gas Director
Bob is Oil and Gas Director for Aydon UK and is responsible for all projects relating to the oil and gas industry.
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Anthony Betts - is an established and internationally recognised specialist including hotel ,hospital, leisure facility feasibilities, design, construction company selection and management, interior design and fittings supply as well as franchise arrangement and hotel, hospital or leisure facility management.
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Jacob Sandal - is based in Baerum(Oslo) Norway. Agency/distribution activities, international marketing of Norwegian and foreign products and services.
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Gerard Opel - Senior Researcher and International Trade Adviser takes instructions on domestic and international Research and Matchmaking projects and has had considerable experience in these fields prior to joining the group.
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Contact details for Aydon UK (Head Office)
Peter Guinsberg - Aydon Group Chairman

Aydon Group
1st Floor TY CORNELL
The Square
NP26 3HY

Tel: +44 (0) 1633 882814
Fax:+44 (0) 1633 881632

E-mail: info@aydon-consultants.com

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