Curriculum Vitae

Aydon ConsultantsHidefumi Aida
Director - Aydon Japan

Hidefumi holds a Diploma in Economics from KEIO University. Whist at university, Hidefumi established his first consultancy upon the recommendation of two of his professors. As a result Universal Data Inc. was formed and under Hidefumi's leadership has undertaken the following projects:

Professional Qualifications
- Conducting negotiations at government and senior Director level in the offshore banking system.
- Acting as appointed gatekeeper of alternative funds between the USA and other countries.
- Consulting on infrastructure to Achie State Indonesia.
- Management of Italian designers for the development of resort and hotels for a Japanese client.
- Marketing for the Tasmanian Development Authority.
- Promoted and managed an Oil Searching system by micro lepton method in Thailand on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
- Advising leading players in Japanese Industry on marketing and promotional matters. Further details of Hidefumi's skills and experience can be found here. Curriculum Vitae of Hidefumi Aida Professional Qualifications
- Diploma Economics - KEIO University.

Professional Experience
Director Aydon Japan.
CPO of Persona Inc.
Administrator of Sun World Corp.
Director of Integrated Business Strategy Inc.
CEO of Universal Data Inc.
Auditor Kadokawa Haruki Corp.
Director Venturesoft Corp.
Director MCG Japan.
Director Global Enterprise Ltd.
Committee Member Japan marketing Association.

Marketing experience
Feasibility study for telecommunications service of voice mail and free call service.
Media marketing for TV, video, film and magazine industries.
Marketing for electronics industry.
Consultancy regarding commercialisation of telephone services.
Marketing program for audio industry.
Marketing program for motor industry.
Consultancy regarding Advanced Medical Information Service.
Marketing Credit Card Company.
Marketing Tourism Industry.
Consultation for Retail Sales groups.
Feasibility study for Mail-order Company.
Consultation marketing and customer management for motor industry.

International experience
Negotiations at government and senior Director level offshore banking
Gatekeeper of alternative funds USA/other countries.
Infrastructure consultancy in Indonesia.
Management for Italian designers for hotel industry.
Marketing for Tasmanian Development Authority.
Management of Oil searching system involving Thailand and Ministry Economy, Trade and industry.