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Aydon ConsultantsHerminio Andres

Country Manager

Mr. Andres joined Tractus in 2005 as the Manager of the Business Inc.ubator™ practice. He currently manages the Tractus China office. During his time with Tractus, Mr. Andres has been directly involved in strategy and feasibility studies of multinational manufacturing investments in Asia including site selection and market research projects. He has worked in a variety of sectors, including garments, electronics, automotive, consumer goods, minerals, and manufacturing, among others. Some of his recent project work includes:

  • Managing project teams for an automotive parts manufacturing plant
  • Managing project teams for a boat building and composites manufacturing plant.
  • Managing project teams for foundry additives for a multinational China facility.
  • Supervising site selection, incorporation, project mangement and general management during the establishment and ramp up for a Precision CNC machinery facility, supplying parts for the medical device and food packaging industry.
  • Managing project teams for a food and chemical industry equipment manufacturing facility.
  • Leading China site selection for Fortune 1000 companies, including several Chinese manufacturing plants
  • Leading supply chain and M&A projects for manufacturing facilities in China

Prior to joining Tractus, Mr. Andres worked as Chief Department, Production Manager and General Manager in various multinational companies across European, Soviet Union and Chinese plants, mainly in the chemical and food and beverage production sectors. He also worked as a Project Manager for numerous clients’ plant set-up projects in machinery and production line development. Mr. Andres served as the VP of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. In this position, Mr. Andres provided advice and assistance to foreign investors looking to enter the Chinese market and structure their local businesses, and was responsible for identifying business opportunities across the country and analyzing key industry sectors. Mr. Andres is currently a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Mr. Andres earned his degree in Industrial Engineering from a university in Spain.